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What makes us better than the others?

Quick Service: Is your costly iPhone not turning on? Take it to vRepair, iPhone repair North Shore center before you replace it. We fix most of the smartphone or tablet related issues within an hour. If your iPhone or iPad screen has been broken, take it to us. We have all types of screens for Samsung and iPhone mobiles and tablets.

Own Technical Lab: We care about your mobiles and tablets. We have our own technical lab where we repair your items. We don’t outsource the work to third parties. So you don’t need to leave your phone with us overnight to restore it. Our iPhone repair North Shore center repairs your device on the spot. Take your iPad with you home on the same day after repairing is done.

We Provide Assurance: We assure you of a guaranteed solution for your damaged devices. We take some time to repair technical problems. Our technicians keep it with them to check if all functionalities are proper. We deliver it after getting fully satisfied with the device performance. Here you will get a 3 months warranty on the repaired parts. If you still face any issues after repairing it from our Laptop repair North Shore center, take it to us again. We are always there to help you with your problems.

Provide Genuine Parts: vRepair Macbook repair North Shore store replaces your damaged device parts with the latest OEM products. We can provide you with original parts for your Macbook even if it is 4 to 5 years old. Hence, we guarantee a long-lasting performance for your Macbook. 

Experienced Technicians: All our technicians are learned and experienced. They are efficient in quick troubleshooting. You will get your device back within 2 to 3 hours. Please don’t try any DIY ideas on your device to make it functional again. It may increase our difficulty to identify the problem.

Advanced Level Technical Assistance: Unlike replacing the parts, our iPhone repair North Shore Store service center fixes some technical faults such as motherboard dysfunctionality, memory space upgrades, etc. Most of the service centers don’t offer these types of technical services. Our skilled technicians are capable of resolving difficult issues on your iPhone. 

Affordable Prices: Several repairing centers might deceive you after repairing your laptop. They might convince you that the gadget was severely damaged or they have replaced a substantial part of it. For us, customer satisfaction is the utmost concern. We have been providing repairing services for more than 10 years. We never deceive or overcharge the customers for our services. If vRepair Laptop Repair North Shore can’t restore your laptop for some reason, we will not even charge the basic fee.