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What’s True Tone & How to turn it On & Off on iPhone X ?

True Tone is available on iPhone 8 and the later models.
Why there is no True Tone on my iPhone X ? There are 2 conditions to make True Tone works on the iPhone:
1, the MtSN code in the screen must be the original
2, the light sensor must be working and the original one.

The True Tone will be disappeared if one of the following happens:
1, the screen was replaced and the MtSN code was not written into the new screen.
2, the light sensor faulty
3, the light sensor works but it is not the original one comes with the phone. It could be get replaced when replacing the screen.

How to fix True Tone on Apple iPhone ?

This video shows how to repair the True Tone by reading the MtSN code from the motherboard and writing it into the screen.
There are some cases the true tone is not repairable:
1, if the light sensor was replaced
2, some poor quality 3rd party screen does not support MtSN code.

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