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Tips of replacing iPhone XR screen:

  • Turn off the phone first if possible
  • Put the iPhone on a heat pad for a few minutes to soften the adhesives before removing the screen. That will make the removing process much easier and less damages to the parts.
  • Use a suck cup to hold the screen and pull it upwards gently while using a pry tool to open the screen from the right bottom corner.
  • Disconnect the battery as soon as you can after opened the phone.
  • Transfer the screen code onto the new screen to keep the True Tone functionality.
  • Even though the seal of the screen is not waterproof it is better to apply it onto the frame to keep the phone water resistant.
  • As the screws are different please remember to put the right screw back to it’s original place to avoid damages to the screen and the phone.
  • Test the screen (display and touch), light sensor and distance sensor after the screen replacement job is completed. And the camera, earpiece and mic in loudspeaker mode.
  • And more importantly to test the Face ID function.

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